Made with Kirby and <3


Hi there!
new Kirby Project :metal: :wink:



Hello there! :slight_smile:
I’m a self-employed web developer and i use Kirby frequently to build sites for my customers. My own website is obviosly made with <3 and Kirby, too. :wink:


JRS86 - Jon Schuster’s Portfolio

Not sure why I never added this here, but I’ve had my own personal site up for some time. I definitely need to do a LOT of updating in regards to adding and completing some of the project pages, but everything for the website is pretty much complete. I’m also aware that I need to do some MASSIVE compression on a good portion of the images I’ve used in some of the projects.

I don’t think I really did anything special with handling content, just kinda structured and used default fields as I saw fit, and I think I’m only using the Controlled List plugin to help create some related pages in my Notes (blog) section.

I’ve also owned a personal Kirby license for a LONG time for my own site, and have used a few other licenses for other projects. Definitely not planning on switching any time soon :smile:


Hi, I redesigned my website and I made it multilanguage.

If you want to take a look, please visit


Well this isn’t strictly a new project, but I just enhanced my website by adding a blog. Guess what the first posts about :slight_smile:


Made a new photography website with kirby:


Hey there,
I just finished work for Govinda Leipzig, a veggy / vegan indian food caterer team from Leipzig, Germany. Great food, if you ever have the chance, check them out!




I am so happy, I just relaunched my site :slight_smile: There are still some bugs I am working on, but I decided it can go online now. Of course 100% kirby. The only thing missing, is a good replacement for disqus… I have to say, everytime I worked on the page, I was happy using kirby, because there’s always a solution which is easy to implement and which just works.


Some times ago, I made :slight_smile:


Made last year, but finally live :slight_smile:


And this one with a Vue.js frontend / kirby backend:


Hi folks, I love kirby and this is my first finished project with this tool. I hope you like it.


Check out
A website to collect contemporary typefaces.

Curated typedesigner get a log in and upload their typefaces.


Both restaurant and website looks yummy! :wink:

#510 is a website in Swedish that is all about teddy bears.

It uses a database for the products. For the categories and the static pages, it uses Kirby pages.

Each night a cron job will try to find new products from the affiliated sites. The site presents the products in the correct categories by a simple query. It’s a text field in the Panel that looks like this: +(miranda tatty).

For some features, toggles for the most part so far, I use Vue.

The only plugins I use so far, except for internal stuff is Kirby Component Kit and Kirby GA.

If you have any feedback, send a PM to not break the flow of this thread.

Thanks! :slight_smile:



Today I’ve launched my Saas website made with Kirby 2 and dedicated to conference organizer: Confdays

The product (an hosted conference website with a private call for papers dashboard manager) is also 100% Kirby built.


Thank you all for your help on this forum and special “big up” for @texnixe for her amazing support.


@gillesvauvarin Thanks for the praise :heart_eyes:


I recently launched – a completely redesigned site for Bridgit, a construction software company.

They were using Drupal before, and felt restricted by the admin dashboard. Kirby’s panel was exactly what they needed.

Here’s an interesting side-by-side look at a custom blueprint that lets them edit the variables of an interactive chart:


Hi Guys, is a surf School in Peniche, Portugal.
The site is based on Kirby 2.5 and I use the following plugins:

Thank you for this wonderful product.


The graphic and digital studio I’ve co-founded has moved from WordPress to Kirby one year ago with great enthusiasm. We are now building amazing websites daily with pleasure and efficiency thanks to all of you :metal:

Here is our own portfolio:

Studio Fables