Made with Kirby and <3


I’m also happy to show you my new website :blush:, its a bit smaller and it supports now two languages (german and english). hope you like it :blush:.


Released this website in september for Brandlab Oslo

This is my first completed and released site made with Kirby. A bit messy under the hood, but it gets the job done.



Just released the website of Sofffa, an “Slowcafé” where you pay for nothing except for the time you spend there. It’s in Lyon, France and is an awesome place to get some work done and network with talented people.

I have developed and open sourced the dominant color plugin for this website:



Here we are again.
The 4th version in less than 24 months of The Gallery has gone live moments ago.
Always happy to get feedbacks and to get submissions if you happen to have coded some nice site.


I designed and built TEDxSaclay for their second year. It looks deceptively simple but has many content-types (25+ blueprints), and more templates and snippets.
Every edition of the conference has two templates: one for the current edition with links to contents, and a kind of one-pager that sums up past editions (see
The site puts Focus and oEmbed modules to good use.


I have updated my website to the latest version of Kirby and also had a slight re-design to make the most of the season. I just can’t get enough of Kirby ! I keep finding new ways to make my site easier to use and update !

I would love to hear what you think I should do to make the site more appealing !


Hi guys,

I’m so proud to share my first website made with Kirby. Started it a while ago (more than one year), but it’s finally online at ! Only in French for now, I’m looking for feedbacks on design and code.

It’s simple (maybe too much minimalism…) but I’m happy to share it and would love to hear what you think and what I should improve.

See you Kirbimmunity !

What do you create more - boxed or full-width layouts?

Kirbimmunity sounds like some kind of weird disease :joy:
Love the site, nice job.


Designed by a new studio based in Berlin (they’re so new they don’t even have a site online yet)


Hi there !

I’ve just finished my website, made with Kirby and <3 :

Featuring :

  • Custom Template
  • Project pages, with categories, tags
  • A cool “Experiments” page with animated SVGs
  • Blog (with templates for posts)
  • Research page with a custom bibtex parser

By the way I also used Kirby for the website of an artist friend :

I’m considering releasing both templates as open-source :slight_smile:

Thanks Bastian for Kirby !


I’ve just finished my website, made with Kirby and <3 :

Amoshop Shopkit Theme for Kirby CMS

Amoshop is a very ideal and minimal theme for selling your own t-shirts you designed. You can sell your t-shirts with NoSQL Kirby CMS and Shopkit which is simple and minimal. If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use, easy to install template, this is for you!


Thanks, very nice theme.



First of all thanks for the awesome CMS! I just fell in love with Kirby the minute I installed it.

I’ve just put my portfolio live which you can see below and try at


Nice site. Couple of quick suggestions:

  1. you should add a space in the footer after the . (Copyright © 2017 Cosmin Negoita.All rights reserved.)
  2. You should try a different ease effect when you hover a thumb. The overall effect is nice but the linear transition is a bit uninteresting if you know what I mean (maybe an ease-out instead of a simple linear?)

Congrats for the new portfolio :wink:


Ah thanks for pointing these out and also thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


A quick holding page for my website until I eventually get around to updating it properly. not 100% finished but as a temporary solution it fits my needs.

Built using Kirby, SASS & Parallax.js for the animations.

Website Link


Nice work, Chris …but is that definitely your Twitter account? :wink:


Haha I have no idea how I’ve done that. I shouldn’t be allowed access to a computer when tired/been out for a few beers!

Cheers John!


I really like the font you used for the site. Is that ‘Maison Neue’?


It is indeed! :slight_smile: real nice font!