Made with Kirby and <3



Maybe you can add it to Made with Kirby and <3 topic

Toolbar for mobile in the bottom of site is not very visible, but nice site :wink:


Maybe you can reduce line length to make your text more readable by either limiting container width and/or using a bigger font size on desktop?


Hello everyone,

A small site I made for a client a few months ago:

Was my first project with Kirby and I fell in love immediately.


Hi there, hope you folks are having a nice weekend.
I designed and coded a blog for myself :
The site is super simple as you can see from the screen.

It’s a weird mix between a blog, a diary and a thoughts dump to (hopefully) help myself becoming a better human being.
As always, thoughts and opinions on the site are welcome and in this case, thought and opinions on everything else are welcome as well.


I really hope you can find some sort of sense in these essays.

I’ll be reading through. I really like the simplicity and appeal of this simple blog.


I just updated my portfolio.
I loved it to code with kirby =)


Hello Bastian,

we made with Kirby that achieves full score (100/100/100) at

That has to do with the fact that Kirby is highly customizable. Thanks for that!

Also other tests show awesome results.

Greetings and have a nice weekend,
Dan :slight_smile:


Another week, another side project.
Finally found the time to code something for my old domain, (used to be my personal site, probably 5 or 6 years ago)

The site is just a gallery, an exploration of what I’m doing in and with my life using only photos.
Not 100% done, need to sort a few bits here and there but is basically done.

Some but not all of the photos are also on my instagram profile.


I just launched this site I designed and built for In Principo, a facilitation consulting company.

A few details:

  • lots of cross-links between the portfolio (“Références”) and the content, in blocks at the bottom of pages
  • search results with styles for different content types (try to search “forum”)

A few plugins: Uniform, Focus, Colorlist, Visual Markdown and custom Kirbytags.

The previous site was made with Drupal, and the team loves how much easier the Panel is to learn, and how straight to the point it is.


It’s because by luck he used image dimensions that are commonly used for adverts. It best to avoid these sizes. Refer to this page for reference:


Portfolio for renowned Swiss photographer Beat Schweizer went live today.


Just posted on my gallery. Hope you don’t mind :wink:


That’s the smoothest implementation of horizontal scrolling I think I’ve ever seen. Care to share your method?


Hi Guys, I have change design for 99 Bookmakers site.
It is still in progress, so some parts can be work don’t correctly. But you can see the power of Kirby CMS

I wish you like it!


Website für einen Schweizer Skibauer:

Danke an das Forum für die immer schnelle Hilfe.



Dirk Vis, @seb and I made a Kirby-site for De Gids, the oldest literary magazine of The Netherlands. We have the ambition to house all our the content in Kirby. De Gids is founded in 1837, so that’s quite something.

Thanks for this great-and-easy-to-use cms,
Willem Sjoerd


Website for a Spanish non-profit art space, designed by our studio DisplayHooray. Another one made with Kirby and :heart:.


Goed bezig geweest Willem Sjoerd :slight_smile:


Hello Kirby people.
I just pushed live the new version of my Is Invisible
There are still a few things I need to tweak here and there but is basically done.


Hi, I’m not the one who developed the website for Beat Schweizer but I know the implementation is relying on scrollreveal