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Your logo reminds me on Javscript. :smiley:


lol yes my initials have a lot to answer for :slight_smile:


I just launched the website

It’s a (german) website for a friend who shares images & stories about great old cars.

Hand-coded from the ground up, I tried my best to make the website as fast as possible, despite the fact that it’s quite image-heavy. Using some of the great Kirby plugins available, I customized the panel in order make the article writing process a breeze.


For some reason ad-block prevented me from seeing images on the site. That’s odd…
Otherwise, good job !!


This is indeed very odd, never happend in any browser while testing – although I use adblock aswell… but just to be sure, which browser / extension did you use when they got blocked?


AdBlock 3.0.8
Chrome Version 51.0.2704.103 m

I had only a grey placeholder on all images. If I now try to activate adblock again on the site, images are displayed (probably cached). Let me know if you need any more info :wink:


Aaah, alright, this clears things up.

In fact the images are all loaded lazily, the gray box is just the placeholder while they are loaded.
Maybe your internet connection was a little bit slow and it took some time to load the images? Have you tried a different page/article now? Normally the images should load pretty fast and the gray placeholders are only visible for a brief amount of time.


A small product management system made with Kirby.

Utilizing front end Auth, really enjoyed building this. :slight_smile:

A couple of screenshots…

Quite a lot of features hidden away that you wouldn’t notice until it was being used. Auto PDF downloads for each product showing only certain information depending on the current user level, Product page update trigger calendar updates and email notifications. Option to share selected products via one PDF.

The design brief was something that wasn’t too busy and nothing to detract from the information they need.

Cheers for looking :slight_smile:


I love it ! Great work. It seems like you managed to keep it simple while packing it with features that are useful and feel right! Congrats!


Architecture Office



First time posting something in this post – finally! :smiley: I just released a website for a photographer:

I did the concept, design and development, and started with the very first concepts in 2012. This version used Kirby 1 and jQuery, but we never finished it (well – the client just didn’t make it to organize his portfolio, a thing every freelancer knows best I guess…). Every year we tried again, had contact for some weeks, but always failed to finish it.

In the beginning of the year, we sat down and discussed that the site – besides the content – needs an overall refreshing. So I started the whole thing from scratch again, ditched jQuery and Kirby 1 ;), and also implemented a – basic – responsive version which still needs improvements.

The gallery makes use of CSS transition, regarding styles, JS is only responsible for adding and removing the right classes – and an initial positioning. You can completely navigate through the gallery using the keyboard.

Oh, and of course, I’m using the beta version of the fabulous ImageKit plugin by @fabianmichael and hope to be able to buy a license soon :wink:

Looking forward to your feedback!

PS: sorry for the large images, thought that Discourse would generate thumbnails…


It does, but the original is still there too. :slight_smile:


Beautiful :slight_smile:


After a lot of work, I have just published my new company site:

Built with the Patterns plugin (see the pattern library) and also with some amazing new Kirby features that will be officially coming to Kirby soon.
The full source code is available on my GitLab server (site and patterns). Parts of the code (e.g. the PHP and JS code) are licensed as MIT, see the license files of the two repos.


Just released a Website for a Bicycle Messenger Company:


The email/contact form is brilliant :grinning: top work!


@jakobploens I like the design of the page. It really falls out of the ordinary with that navigation bar and also the way it presents the photos.

As you asked for some feedback. As someone who wrote his bachelor thesis about performance ^^: You should really have a look at the pageload and try to defer loading pictures that are not needed for the initial view.

At the moment your site got 361 image requests with 3.3 MB pageload. My desktop needs 13 seconds for the page to load. Also the images are not loaded in the order that those pictures that you would see in the initial viewport get loaded first. It happens that pictures that are somewhere deep done the road get all loaded first and the important images that I need to start to engage with your site, are loaded at last. You can see what I mean when you have a look at this video from

This is how your waterfall looks like:

I hope that helps you (but if the project is already finished this might be redundant information for you :wink: )



Hello im new to the forum…

I’ve made my first kirby theme, started this year with zero php skills and a bit understanding of html. I absolutely love working with kirby, with no other cms could i’ve done this.

Can you check the website for me and leave a comment for improvements?

Regards, Maarten