Made with Kirby and <3


@illycz What a beauty :heart_eyes:
Great work!


@Ti_Gr You’re nice, thank you very much.


My newest Kirby website is finally complete:


We replaced an indexhibit site with Kirby. The majority of coding was done in one afternoon. It’s nothing special, just the base theme, but it does what we want.


Hi Peter, your website is so cool! I am getting to know Kirby and your site really demonstrated the capacity and possibility that Kirby has!



I’m happy to show 2 new themes for Kirby:

Lola One Page + Blog

Siimple Theme


I love the new Siimple theme! Good work!


ma_ma Werkraum für interaktive Baukunst - website for an architect friend of mine.
Design by Kaleido and code by weitweit


Hey there !
I’ve recently added a new theme to Hiweb’s collection of Kirby themes. I’ll be doing one last adapted theme before moving on to 100% homemade projects :slight_smile:

Here’s Stellar, a clean and stylish landing page theme

Buy it on Gumroad

I hope you like it !


Here’s our new agency site, using kirby for the first time.
Now most of our future client work will be running on kirby I think.


Okay, here we go again :stuck_out_tongue:

I started creating sites in the early '90s of the previous century (Boy, do I sound old…).

In the beginning there was not real CMS-software (well, Frontpage and Dreamweaver… but those were more like editors).

So I decided to build my own, flat-file / noDB CMS-software (sounds familiair, he!)… DMS.

The name was just a joke; when some guys had a CMS, I would rule the market with the next type of CMS… DMS.

The official name was Dirty Management System, and dirty is was… so about ten years later I decided to migrate all my sites to Wordpress :slight_smile:

One year ago, I discovered Kirby, a flat-file / noDB CMS (sounds familiair, he!).

It’s hard to convince your clients / the market to migrate to another CMS (all they know is Wordpress, and I can not dis-agree with the market-share).

But in about one year, I was able to migrate three existing sites from Wordpress to Kirby and build another three from sketch (using Kirby).

My own site was still Wordpress… build in 2012 end never updated (code-wise; the content / CMS itself was updated on a regular basis, of course).

The first week of this month, I did not have any big projects, so I decided to migrate my own site to Kirby - and there it is :slight_smile:

O, by the way - I’m not a real coder; I started out as a graphical / comic artist. So many of the projects are not code-related, but animations / designs / illustrations I made (no client wants to see cool code, they just want to see cool images / designs…).

It’s not a theme or something, it just a hand-made design - based on Bootstrap and some jQuery scripting.

Of course the site itself is not exiting; you can build sites like this with every CMS - even without any CMS at all… so let’s take a look at the back-end (which I like most from Kirby; building your own back-end!).

First thing you will notice, is the panel - secured by a captcha.

I know Kirby has brute-force attack prevention (since 2.3) but I made this captha before that, and my clients think it’s cool, because it adds an extra security layer (needed or not…)

Once behind the captcha, you’ll see a branded log-in form

The dashboard, were it all starts…

I made two widgets myself;

  1. Download monitor, to keep track of my downloads
  2. At a glance, to keep track of the site itself

As you can see my site is a one-pager, but I decided to split the sections into pages;

This way I am able to change the different parts of my site very quick, without the need to scroll / click / etc… in one large back-end panel.

This is were thing become interesting :slight_smile:

  1. In the upper-right corner you’ll see my Jumplist feature in action. This nifty button enables you to jump from page to page very quick, without the need to return back to the dashboard every time… a live / time-saver!
  2. Another thing you’ll mention is the tabbed-interface. I don’t like long pages that forces you to scroll, to I created a plug-in that enables you to divide one long page in several tabbed-sections.
  3. In the sidebar, you’ll see live preview of your images. In stead of the name, I now can see what an image really looks like. And there is a toggle in case you want to see the full name.
  4. The entries on the page are made with the extreme powerfull Snippetfield made by @jenstornell

It’s a kind of the default structurefield, but with much more options. In this scenario I show a feature image, an expert of the project (with a nice (…) ellipsis when thing become to long), the title of the project and it’s status;

  • Eye open, the project is published
  • Eye closed, the project is (not) yet visible on the site.

The snippetfield when editing a project.

It’s quit simple;

  1. Select the featured image
  2. Set it’s status
  3. Select a type (every type will show an other icon on the front-end)
  4. Set some slides (default Bootstrap carousel)
  5. Enter a title and the text.

It’s easy to create your own panel-pages, no need for (Advanced) Custom Field (Wordpress) here :slight_smile:

This page / tab is all about a custom made Google map; I removed all the buildings, roads, streetnames, etc… and decided to paint the (interactive) map in the main colors of my brand.

How cool - select a color in the back-end, it will show up in the front-end!

So in less than one week, I was able to build my new site from scratch (with the help of Bootstrap of course).

I used my KRB Minify plug-in to minify both the assets and html, turned on the Kirby Caching Mechanism and scored a 9.4 at GTmetrix :stuck_out_tongue:

I know this numbers aren’t holy - but it’s better to score a 9.4 than a 3.1…

(…and clients love speed (-numbers)) after all…


Hello Kirby :slight_smile:
I’m super happy to realease my 10th theme for Kirby today :champagne: :cocktail:

Introducing Whitespace

is a beautiful minimalist portfolio theme for Kirby. It was built from scratch by HIWEB without using any frameworks or dependencies.

Key features

  • Blazing fast and riddiculously small (the .zip file contains tons of demo content)
  • Retina Ready responsive images
  • Minified assets
  • SEO Friendly and Social Sharing compliant
  • Built-in sitemap
  • No dependencies, no bootstrap, no framework, no grid system, no jquery, only a tiny 4kb lazyloading vanilla javascript
  • Minimalist design in the details: 3 colors, 1 font, 1 font-weight.
  • Analytics included


Live Demo

PS: Thanks a lot to some great community members who helped a lot with testing!


Love it but your numbers link is broken !


No dependencies, no bottstrap, no jquery, only a tiny 4kb lazyloading vanilla javascript

Now this I like! :heart_eyes:
Lovely work!


I forgot to mention no grid :slight_smile:


That’s an easter-egg :slight_smile:

It triggers a 404… which is a number (sorry, nobody understands my humor).


Hello, we launched this one 2day. Many thx for the support in this forum.



And another side project is live. Nothing super fancy, just a minimal collection of design objects my brother and I like and are available for purchase.


First iteration of our app marketing site. MyTherapy – medication reminder tool and health diary
Also my first Kirby site.
— Martin


Had a lot of fun building my personal portfolio site with Kirby…