Made with Kirby and <3


Could you elaborate? Did you skin the panel or use highly customized blueprints?
Maybe some screenshots and explanations if you deem it could be usefull for others would be great :slight_smile:


Yeah I know :slight_smile: the layout is a bit tricky to adapt to a tiny screen and since is a weekend project I did not spend too much time on it. Will probably try to fix it in the future.


Devich Holzschuhe - new shop for a traditional wooden shoe manufacturer.

A nice online shop, with a special requirement: the customer uses Sage Office Line for all the internal shop/delivery/production management. They bought a while ago a plugin from a third party company which should handle all the online stuff based on a API between Sage Office Line and - hold for it - OSCommerce. A customized version of OSCommerce from 2005. They tried and failed to get a nice website working.

After that I got the offer to build the shop/website based on that API and the OSCommerce database. I decided to give Kirby a try.
The shop is a custom Kirby plugin, getting the content from a MySQL-database. “About us” and the other content pages are pure Kirby pages.


Great job on the website! The dreaded imposed legacy system from your client doesn’t seem ot have caused you much problem. Kudos!


This is one of the latest projects we made on top of Kirby (Spanish).


Looking great!
Although there is nothing in
You could use an if statemenet in your nav to hide a menu element if there are no pages that match the parameter.

Great work :slight_smile:


Good job. Looks really great :slight_smile:. I think you could probably improve the filters; currently, when you click on a filter item, the website is reloaded and you end up at the top of the page. Would be better to stay where you are.


Thanks @Thiousi, @texnixe.
The client is currently updating contents. :slight_smile:


Do themes count here? I’ve built three small themes in the past few days and I’d love to share the Kirby :heart: !


A bootstrap one-pager. Particularly proud of the panel customization here


A full featured bootstrap website with blog, portfolio, several pages and some nifty features. Really fun to build!


Givewaway! A tiny tiny tiny landing page that I made for fun and give away for free (or you can name your own price). Enjoy :slight_smile:

I’d love some feedback! There’s already someone on the forum who bought the Solid template and whoever that is I hope they’re liking it 100% Building themes is for me a way to improve and have fun. I’m selling them more as an experiment and a motivation factor rather than to make tons of money. There’s a lot more to come and if you want to recommend a theme (with a suitable license) to transform to Kirby, let me know!


@Thiousi Amazing Work!!


Made a small one page site to list the different beers I’ve consumed. Built with the Kirby toolkit and Untappd API.
When I have more time I’d like to add searching/filtering/sorting with something like React.


Fantastic project! Just got inspired to make a similar data-based experiment.


98.7 FM Radio Website.

A social media fueled web experience around music in Guadalajara, Mexico. Powered by Kirby, of course.

My colleagues and I just released a Behance project about this. Check it out if you’d like to see a little more about it. :slight_smile:


Finally I made the step and I’m now using Kirby for my personal website as well (after having a great experience with it on a few client projects).


Absolutely loving this idea. Kudos!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Hey @corygibbons I just posted your site on my galley. Hope you don’t mind :wink:
Really love the idea and the style


@manuelmoreale Not at all, I’m honoured. Big fan of your site actually.


I’ve created my theme number 8 and am really proud of the overall look and feel of it.

Introducing Kirby TYPED.

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The panel customization is smart and easy to figure out and there’s lots of cool features! It uses for instance the brand new version of the Kirby builder plugin by @timoetting for the navigation.
###A couple snapshots of the panel

And here’s what it looks like in the front.

###Live Demo


My first project on Kirby:
Integrated within

Designed by Michael Čečetka:

I love Kirby!