Made with Kirby and <3


I really like this font! :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

I’ve just put online my first website built with Kirby : It’s still being translated and constantly upgraded. It gathers all the practical information about the Playtime trade shows worldwide, and it’s available in four languages. It also includes an online magazine called the Gazette, which contains 4 different sections. Hope you’ll like it!


I just redesigned my personal website with Kirby and it’s been a blast. As with any website, it’s work in progress, but it’s already a big step up from the previous version.
Kirby really made it ridiculously easy to convert my designs to code.
The next step is to increase performance & implement ImageKit for responsive images.

Feedback is of course always appreciated!



My wife is very creative and makes some really great clothing. We’ve talked about doing some creative products together so I created a small website for us to start on that journey. It’s currently focused on her sewing projects but as I get more time we’ll doing other creative products there.

Visit our site: Matey&Me

Kirby is of course a dream to work with and I’ve learned a ton through building this site. Thanks to @bastianallgeier + team for this awesome software and thanks to the community for all the help I received! I’ve not come across a more helpful community.

Of course, any feedback is welcome!


Very clean design website, and also products :wink:
I like also the about page, it gives a nice general atmosphere.


I am working in a small agency called mgf and we built a shopkit-webshop with kirby. The shop is about belgium delicacy, we already tried and love. - We used it to sweeten the development time even more :wink:

Here it is:

We love the filebased approach and the jquery-like syntax of kirby and learned a lot along this project.

Any feedback is welcome.


I started to use Kirby for my own portfolio. The site is made with Kirby 2. Many thanks for this great CMS!


“Any Content You Like”… ok, why not a game?

with leveleditor and scoreboard in the backend.

“getKirby: make webdevelopment fun again.”


Your new site looks great!
I really like the design. :slight_smile:


@tobi Thanks! really appreciated!


Hey !

Just released a new website for a french Hotel/Hostel in Lyon, France.

It makes heavy use of ScrollMagic and the Dominant Color Extractor Plugin for kirby.

Cheers !



I just launched my new site: It is a curated collection of UX Design related tools and resources. Mostly things that I share with design colleagues on a regular basis. Now I can just point them to this site :slight_smile:

Building it with Kirby was a breeze. I used Kirby for other sites before but never with tagging or search. The suggestion form uses Uniform. Getting that to work took some time but that was more due to my own bugs than anything else.

There are still some things to add and tweak, like pagination and lazy loading, but I am pleased with it so far.

If you have any questions regarding the implementation of Kirby feel free to ask.


Great resources! I’ll be bookmarking these for sure.

One problem: the “show category links” doesn’t work at all for me (Firefox on Android).


@samnabi: thanks for the heads up. I think I found and fixed the bug. The layout of the menu still has some issues but at least it works.


Seems to be a problem with the script nonces.

Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at self (“default-src 'nonce-EDNnf03nceIOfn39fn3e9h3sdfb' 'nonce-QM1k5JKS9akVUKCr6'”). Source:||function(){(ga.q....
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Haven’t worked with script nonces yet so cant’t really tell what firefox does not like about it. Chrome seems fine but IE also spits out some errors.

Browser consistency for the win :wink:

Besides that nice Site and recources.


Here’s my personal website, fully handcrafted even if I’m not a web or frontend developer :slight_smile:


Donation Portal Website for Pro Infirmis Schweiz:

A cooperation of Getunik AG (Concept/Design) and André Abt – Frontend Engineering (Backend- / Frontend-Implementation)


Website for EuroTAB

by André Abt – Frontend Engineering (Concept/Design/Development)


Good weekend everyone.

Decided to make a new site/blog/something for myself. I always had a static, onepage site but I thought was time to experiment with something different.

Now it’s a hybrid between a personal blog and a place where I can share new projects I’m working on.
I’m always happy to engage with people so if you want to talk about something you can find me on twitter


Here you go!

Our corporate website: