Looking for help with panel.install and general setup!


Looking for setup help and a basic intro to Kirby. Trying to configure a simple site like the microsite from the examples section. I have used Kirby before to manage content but having trouble with my server setup and basic install of the panel.

Would love to pay someone for a few hours to walk me through the basic setup.

Many thanks

Robbie - robbienock@gmail.com

I can’t offer a few hours to help, but suggest you check the following first:

[1] if the .htaccess that comes with the starterkit.zip or plainkit.zip file is on your server (you may need to show hidden files on your OS and/or your FTP or file manager on the server).

[2] the RewriteBase within .htaccess is correct for the location of your Kirby installation. e.g. if you are at https://www.my-domain.com, then RewriteBase should be '/'. If you are at https://www.my-domain.com/my-cms-path, then RewriteBase should be '/my-cms-path'

[3] Lastly, check file and folder permissions are correct. Files should be 644 and folders should be 755.

Read more: https://getkirby.com/docs/guide/troubleshooting/installation

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Hi Frank, thank you. I have resolved what I needed to do for now.