Looking for a guide from Shopkit to Paypal


Hi everybody !

I’m playing with the nice Artistotheme’s Amoshop Shopkit

Artistotheme helped me with some issue and that’s very kind. But I’m sure Artistotheme has many things to do so I’m asking the community…

I’d like to know how to proceed from the site to paypal

If someone know a step-by-step guide it would be helpfull !

Many thanks


As far as I know, Shopkit has Paypal checkout built-in.


You’re right

But whenever I click the Paypal button, I reach Paypal with an error message

I need to know how figure out the process



On the demo website, the Paypal link is broken, so either they removed their Paypal sandbox or the API has changed. Or maybe Amoshop doesn’t use the latest Shopkit, because when I click the Paypal link on the original Shopkit demo, it works.


Thanks Texnixe

Unfortunately my skills are limited (playing with CSS that’s almost all ;-))

I should dig that up

but it looks difficult for me…
I’ll try anyway


The Amoshop theme is an old fork of Shopkit from version 1, and I’m not sure it’s been re-merged with any of the later Shopkit updates.

You’ll have to get Aristotheme to help you out with this one.


You’re right Samnabi…

Could anyone recommand another simple and clean Shopkit for Kirby that could work ?

Regards !



Looks nice but the Panel and Kirby files are empty… So it doesn’t work…


They are added as Git submodules, if you don’t use Git, just get the folders from the K2 Starter or Plainkit-


Texnixe, I want to thank you for your help.

I’m afraid you’re wasting your time with me. Maybe I don’t have the basic skills to do that but nothing works.

You were right, the panel & kirby are added as submodules. Once downloaded I had an error message ( This page is currently offline…)

I tried the plainkit file instead and my website is empty… I can’t access to the panel !

I knew I was a newbie ! I want to apologize :disappointed:


I know it doesn’t help if I tell you that it works perfectly once the /kirby and panel folders are in place.

If you have an error message, you have to set debug to true in your config.

c::set('debug', true);

And maybe read a bit of documentation to get you started.

I’m not so sure that setting up a shop without basis skills is a good idea, actually, maybe a bit risky?


I have “le goût du risque” (the appetite of risk ? I don’t know the english word)
but you’re right !
I’m going to do a simple site for that specific subject (I have already customized my main site, so I can handle with that).

Thanks !!!
All the best