Lock file behaviour in multilang setups

I have a quick question about the “content locking” feature.

Is it expected to “lock” a page completely if someone is editing this in another language? E.g. I have a website in 6 languages (English is default); there are translators translating the content in 2 new languages (e.g. Spanish and Italian). Is it normal that the Italian translator sees a page lock for a certain page when the Spanish translator is translating that page? If yes, why is that so?

Both are in their “own” language, and none are the default one. So they can’t really overwrite each others changes?

I know “how” locking logic works; a .lock file is put in the directory that is being edited and that this is thus language agnostic. I just think that’s counterintuitive and I also think this is not making sense from an editor’s point of view?

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Since this currently doesn’t work, maybe better post on the feedback channel?

What is the feedback channel? :sweat_smile:

I’m not really sure if it works as intended, or not. Since you also think it doesn’t work, I assume you also think it’s confusing. But maybe it’s designed this way for a reason (that I don’t understand, yet).


3rd time, good time :sweat_smile: