Lock Page while Editing plugin

I started working on a plugin and would like to hear your thoughts before investing more time on it.

It locks the form when a page is being edited so no other user can edit the same page. Then removes the lock a few seconds after the page is closed. If another user has the locked page opened, it’s refreshed automatically and locked again. See for your self (It’s not done yet):

It also works on multilingual sites. Locking each language individually so that you can have a user editing the EN version and another editing the DE one, for example.

This plugin would mainly benefit companies with large content/marketing team doing lot’s of editing daily. Is this a plugin you or your clients would need and pay for?


I’d like to add that this doesn’t require any external service neither mess with the core of Kirby.

Just updating with a multilingual sample:

That’s definitely very useful. Me and my clients sometimes override each other’s changes.

So answering your question, yes I would gladly pay for this plugin.

Now displaying the editor’s name.

Would also love such a feature, and gladly pay :slight_smile:

Topic for current version: Page Lock Plugin