List all files on page like in Kirby 2

Hi folks,

is there any way of displaying all files like in Kirby 2?

I found the Plugin “k3-filesdisplay-section” but I’ll get following error:
Invalid field type ("filesdisplay")


What do you mean with display all files? Files are always related to a page folder, that was the same in Kirby 2.

Like this in Kirby 2:

In Kirby I could have multiple Image fields but all the images appear on the left side. With Kirby 3 I only get a select field… Is that correct?

No, that’s not true.

In Kirby 3 we have files sections instead. By default and without any filters by file template, such a files section will show all files in a page. But you can also create multiple files section with different file templates assigned to differentiate files by type.

A files field on the other hand is just a select field, but for files and with a file thumb.

Thanks Sonja! That helped.