Multiple files list on a content


I’m a new Kirby user, developing my very first project with it. So far it’s been great, but one thing I noticed is the lack of ability to categorize files, or adding a separated file field. Maybe I’m just missing something, so how would you do a structure like this?


  • Featured image
  • Project images (for a simple slideshow)
  • Project docs (list of other files/images)

So on my frontend I can do 2 separated slideshows, and also use a cover image wich the user specified on the panel.

It’s possible to do something like that?

Thank you.

For every file, you can add a separate “meta data” file, which can contain any number of fields for categorization. If you use the panel, you need to define the fields in the blueprint of the template that is used for these files. Once that is done, you can filter images by these fields as well.

See this post: How to add custom fields to files

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Also for the cover image you could add a select field to your page blueprint which dynamically gets populated by all images uploaded to that pae:

    label: Cover Image
    type: select
    options: images


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BTW: you can also use select fields for the file fields, in case you want to predefine categories or other information, so as to make it easier to pull files based on that information.

That’s perfect! @texnixe I didn’t know about the file fields, the select with a category will do the job well for me.

@distantnative great, I think this will be the way to go for the cover image.