Link format not converting on sub-pages

When I type this in the panel: "(link: text: Wikipedia)",
it renders on the page as:" (link: text: Wikipedia)",
rather than the desired: "Wikipedia".

This is only an issue on the secondary pages (pages within pages), the conversion works on the primary pages. Has anyone run into this issue? Does anyone know where there’s the RegEx or script which formats the links?

Thank you!

Are both parent and child pages using the same template?

Thanks for responding Paul,

The pages are using the default page template, the subpages are using the default project template.

I should also mention that the content of the projects is being pulled into the home page to create a single page site. Could the links not be converting because they aren’t on their separate page?

Can you share the template code that makes this happen? It might be missing a ->kirbytext() somewhere.

Thanks! The text was being imported via:
<?php echo $project->text() ?>
I changed it to:
<?php echo $project->text()->kirbytext() ?>
and now it works.

Thanks again,

Glad to help! Just $project->kirbytext() should work.