Link in kirbytext for multi language site not working

I’m struggling to get my old site converted to Kirby, and as I’m not a PHP programmer, nor a site designer, this is quite a challenge :smile:

It is working so far, but I’ve run into an issue that I can’t seem to resolve:
I (will) have a multiple language setup (the various ..txt files work, and switching between them works as well)
But I’m using some content that’s the same for all the languages.

My problem now lies with a link to an HTML file/page. This link is displayed on an index page, and the file itself is located in a subdirectory. The index page retrieves its info from the same subdirectory (subdirectories)

The link is defined as ‘(link: ./Aatos/stamboom_aatos.html text: title popup: yes)’

In the default language, this resolves to (localhost to keep you all from hitting my poor raspberry :smile:):

In english, this resolves to:
(note the extra /en/)

Omitting the leading ‘./’ from the link will not work, as this will junk the whole path, and I can’t hard-code the whole path, as that makes it a lot of work to move directories around. (‘huidige-katten’ is one of 3 possible dirs)

Any help on how to resolve this would be appreciated.