Basic linking with 2 languages

I am using kirby 3 with 2 languages, meaning .de and .en files with only one kirby installation.
Now I want to make a basic link from one page to another page. Link on a button or text,
but since I have to languages the /de or /en should be dynamic.

I have been looking through the reference and forum but did not quite find what I was looking for.
I.e. I have a button and this button links to a certain page:

 <a  href="<?=url('link: mypage'); ?>"> </a>

How can the link be dynamic to the EN page?

<a href="<?php echo page('mypage')->url(); ?>"></a>

But this does not work.

Thank you much for patience and help!

Do you want to link language A to a page in another language, or just link within the same language?

What is mypage, is that the full path to the page?

The link only hast to be within the same language. Just a link from the index to a services page.
This is the full path, without the /de/ or /en/

If the path to the page is correct, this should work, though. Even if the slug for the translation is different.


Awesome! Works and thanks a bunch!!!