Subpage Formatting Break

Hi all, I’m building my first site with Kirby, and i’ve encountered a strange problem. I’m sure the solution is very obvious, but I just can’t find it.

I’ve created a portal page, kind of a blog, but less features, just simply pulling an image and an excerpt text from each visible subpage. That’s working fine, but the problem comes when I then navigate to that subpage. That page’s formatting is totally broken. If i use that template on a non-subpage it works just fine and looks as I would expect.

I have used some javascript to create both an off-canvas menu and modal popup (both using UIKit) and these seem to be the elements that aren’t working. The off-canvas menu is displayed and the contents of the modal popup are showing. These break the formatting. I’m also using multi flexbox containers here.

I’m happy to post code or anything that might be of help, but I’m honestly not even sure where to start.


That sounds as if the links to the stylesheet/javascript do not work as they should. Is that page online somewhere so we can have a look?

It is on-line:

Here is the portal, working correctly:, however each page that it links to is funky.

for reference, this page: uses the same template as the projects I’ve linked to above and appears totally normal.

Could this be a problem of it being called Projects? I know Kirby has a built-in Projects category. I renamed the other files but not this main folder.


There are quite a few css and css files that are not found when loading the subpage, because their links are wrong. Do you use the js() and css() helpers to include your stylesheets and scripts? If not, then do.


aha. I’m using just the traditional method, I will try this and report back. Thanks!!

Wonderful! This fixed it. Thank you so much for your help!