Kirbytext link rendering issue

I have a problem when writing more than one link in kirbytext. The first link is always not rendered properly.
Text file looks like this:

(link: text:Zur Website des Freien Radio Wiesental)
(link: text:Zur Website des Freien Radio Wiesental)

The rendered output then looks like this:

(link: text:Zur Website des Freien Radio Wiesental)
Zur Website des Freien Radio Wiesental

It doesn’t matter if 2 or 20 links, the first one is always wrong.

I do know, that I could use markdown in that case, but I don’t want my customers to have to use that too.

Hm, what version of Kirby are you using? I can’t reproduce this in a 3.3.0 Starterkit.

What code do you use in the template to output the content of the field? And what is the field type you use?

Do you use any plugins?

Welcome to the forum!

I am using the recently downloaded plainkit (version 3.2.5) without any plugins. Just typing everything in one text field right now. <?= $page->text()->kt() ?>

And thank you for your quick answer!

The newest version is 3.3.0, btw. But as far as I’m aware there were no changes to the link tag.

Could you provide the content file for testing?

Sure, do you mean the txt file or the whole content-folder?

Either the text file or maybe even better the content folder or the complete project…

I can’t upload anything else than images :thinking:

You could upload a zip to Dropbox or WeTransfer or whatever and PM me a link, here you can’t do that, that’s right.

The problem is an unclosed parenthesis in the line before the first link:

** Sendetermine **

Jeden 1. Dienstag im Monat, 15 – 16 Uhr (Wiederholungen: dienstags 15 - 16 Uhr, sonntags 8 - 9 Uhr auf FREIES RADIO WIESENTAL, UKW 104,5 MHz/Kabel 89,35 MHz

Well that’s an embarrassing start on this forum… Thanks for your kind help!

Don’t worry! Happens to the best of us :hugs:.

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