Licenses, one off payment or monthly?

Just a quick query, see the money for the license is that a lifetime one off payment or a monthly one?

It’s a lifetime license for the current major version, i.e. currently Kirby 3, i.e. all 3.x updates are free.

As it says here: no subscription: Buy | Kirby CMS

And there are also the FAQ on that page for more information.

License agreement: Kirby End User License Agreement | Kirby CMS

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Ah cool thank you so much :grin:

@texnixe what about update fees when the next major version release 4.x
how much will it cost if i came from 3.x for example

Since Kirby 4 is far from being around the corner and I don’t have a crystal ball, I can’t give you any numbers. But there were (heavily) discounted upgrades from v1 to v2 and from v2 to v3, and therefore there will most likely be discounts for upgrading from v3 to a future v4.

Kirby 3 was released in January 2019, so we had 3 years of free updates and new features since then.

Kirby 2 was around for 4 1/2 years with free updates.

Ok, as a team member I’m anything but neutral, but I think the license fee is well invested for what you get. Not only the license, but free support and a great community.

And welcome to the Kirby forum!

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