Layout Field Labels?

With the Layout field type, is it possible to show labels for each layout on the ‘Select a layout’ overlay.
It’s fine when you only have 4 or 5 layout types but I’m hitting 20 and keep forgetting what the column splits are.

I don’t think there’s a label feature but you can display the column widths with a panel.css:

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Thanks @thguenther great idea.

On a side note, your screenshot show blank/empty columns, how did you achieve that?
8/12 layout has a blank column either side and the 5/12 2 column has a blank in the middle.
Guessing it’s done when defining the layouts?

I simply disabled the super small columns with this css:

.k-column[data-width="1/12"], .k-column[data-width="2/12"] {
  visibility: hidden;
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So simple, thank @thguenther.