Structure field column not shown

I have a structure field with URL and link text sub fields. In the panel, only the field that I declared first in the blueprint is shown. I would like it to show both, the URL and the link text. Am I doing something wrong?

    type: structure
        type: text
        label: Link-Text
        type: url
        label: URL

Both columns should be shown unless you set specific columns.

Oh, I just found out that it does if it’s above a certain viewport size. With my viewport at 1038px width it would only show the first column. I suppose it’s only possibe to change that with custom panel CSS?

Yes, I think so.

oh my… that took a while…
I thought I made the yml file wrong, as only the first column appeared in the blueprint.
After serveral tries I searched and found this thread here.

Is there a change to set the column width for all viewports on auto or so?
All my blueprint are devided in a 2/3 and 1/3 manner. The structure is in the 2/3 column.
My viewport is at 1312px when the break happens and the other columns disappear…

Kirby v4.1.0