Is there a way to hide a field label?

Sometimes I want to hide the label of a field—mostly when there is only one field on a page or in a tab (like a blocks or layout field), since the label may be redundant. The tab is already labeled “layout” so I don’t need to state the same above the field.

A workaround I am using is entering a non-breaking space (option + space on macOS) since this seems to be handled as something as opposed to nothing when leaving the label empty or entering a normal whitespace.

Is there another way of hiding a field label?

Not that I know of but fields should always have labels for accessibility reasons.

Thank you for the concern regarding a11y, which indeed is an important topic.

For a Kirby panel with a very limited user group I think it can be disregarded depending on the case (and the case being no editor relying on assistive technology).

Additionally I would think even if you depend on assistive technology and you managed to navigate to that specific tab that features a single field missing a label, you have the same information available as someone without visual disability. In this case the tab label functions as the label for the field. Or is this assumption missing something?

Edit: I also think the very visual nature of the layout field makes it a lost cause regarding a11y…