How do I add the field-name to the label-text?

I have named my fields with a label.
Now I would like to add the field name to the label. Is that possible?

  label: Cookie-Einstellungen
  type: text

desired display:

Reason for the question: I have a tab on site.yml with fields that are used across pages in the templates. In order to find the fields more quickly, I would like to be able to see the field name immediately instead of first searching for it in the blueprint

label: My label ({{page.fieldName.key}})

Thanks for the super fast reply! Since I’m on site.yml, I used:

  label: "Cookie settings ({{site.fieldName.key}})"
  type: text

However, I don’t really like the display yet…

With ({{page.fieldName.key}}) it is only Cookie-Einstellungen () displayed.

This is just a placeholder for your actual fieldname.

I thought key would recognized automatically the value. In this case, however, the function makes no sense. Instead of using the field name with a query, it can also be written directly into the label field:

  label: "Cookie-Einstellungen (labelCookieSettings)"
  type: text

But that would be a duplication that I wanted to avoid.
I know how to read field values, but there doesn’t seem to be an elegant function for the field name, right?

This was my first Kirby project, which I built up with ignorance. In new projects I name the field names differently, then this solution request would be obsolete.

Well, the field name is available from the field object, and the field object you get via the field name. So no.

Right, but since you have to go through each label anyway, anything else wouldn’t give you an advantage, anyway?

Your suggestion to write the field object directly in the field name would have been sufficient. The suggestion with {{page.fieldName.key}} had irritated me. However, it is not tragic if there is no workaround, as the field name addition would only have brought additional convenience. As mentioned: In future projects, I will name fields according to a more logical concept.
Thanks for your explanations though, there’s always more to learn about Kirby!