Labels in different languages

Hi there, I wonder if it is possible to set different languages for labels. This does not work:

    de: Äpfel
    en: Apples
  type: text

That will work, but the labels are shown depending on the user language, not the selected content language, because they are part of the user interface.

I see. In my templates, I call some labels:

<?= page('home')->blueprint()->field('apples')['label'] ?>

How can I display labels in the chosen language?

You can add the language code index:

<?= page('home')->blueprint()->field('apples')['label']['de'] ?? 'somedefaultvaluehere' ?>

It should match the selected language. Do I have to include an conditional statement or can I call it directly?

Instead of the hardcode string, you can of course pass the language code of the current language:

<?= page('home')->blueprint()->field('apples')['label'][$kirby->language()->code()] ?? 'somedefaultvaluehere' ?>

Thank you. It works very well!