KQL webspace deployment


I want to use Kirby as headless CMS and got this KQL repository running locally. When i try to host it on a simple webspace however it says “403 Forbidden you don’t have permission to access this source” and when i try to reach the panel it says “404 Not found”

Anyone has an idea? Thank you!

Did you deploy the Starterkit or a Plainkit?

Did you make sure to also copy over the .htaccess file which is needed for URL rewriting to work.

i think its a “public folder”-setup. make sure your webspace is set to /public.

That was it. Thank you both.

Hi there,

I’m also trying this kirby headless starter, panel works fine locally but I can’t deploy it. On my server I only have the list of files (Index Of).

When I’m executing deploy script (ploy-deploy.sh) I got the following error :

{RELOAD_PHP_FPM}: command not found

up to date, audited 1 package in 154ms

found 0 vulnerabilities
npm ERR! Missing script: "build"

I may be forgetting an essential step…
Could someone explain how to deploy panel with this starter, please ? :pray:

Hi (again),

Maybe it’s more than a public folder config or subdomain issue, i don’t know…

I tried to deploy it on a subdomain “panel.example.com”.

I discovered that I was able to access my data via “panel.example.com/public/api/query”. But no way to access the panel interface. (However I can access it locally at “example.test/panel/site”)

At the address “panel.example.com” I have only the list of files… At “panel.example.com/public/” I just got an 401 Unauthorized error.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on? Thank you very much…

(I didn’t modify the original “htaccess”, just tried to uncomment #RewriteBase but it didn’t change anything. → kirby-headless-starter/.htaccess at main · johannschopplich/kirby-headless-starter · GitHub)

Okay … I can access my panel at “panel.example.com/public/panel/site”. What do I have to change in the configuration to not have “public” in the url?