Korean characters in URL

This might be a trivial problem that I simply don’t know enough about but, I had to add a new translation in Korean to a multilingual website. I have the language added to the config file just like all the rest. Content gets delivered but the URLs when having a Korean slug (ex. www.site.com/ko/제품) show a 404.

I have a Url-key in each content file which when left empty defaults to the default language slug, but I would like to know what is wrong here. Any ideas?

I have a feeling this is actually a server setup question, rather then a Kirby issue. I think those characters are outside of the standard UTF-8 characters. You can either change the slug to the english equivalent or google around for how to set the server to work with them.

I did find this stack overflow post that might helpful.

Thanks for the reply!

This is going into some waters that I’m not familiar with. Besides, I have no access to the server config - might ask if the admins can change things but before we go up that road, I might as well leave all those urls with English slugs. The site has 4 Latin-based languages already and to my horror, the client wants to add Chinese on top, so it will be a major pain.

Having built a site in Arabic, its not without its problems (Reading right to left being one of them!), but if your able to use English slugs, then it does help a lot :slight_smile:

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Well, we have a domain in Latin, language code in Latin, and finally the slug, which if in a different alphabet will anyway look weird. Not sure how this influences SEO but we’ll live with it for now.

My mother tongue is written in Cyrillic and at least in Bulgarian all slugs that I see online are transcribed in Latin. Looks weird but it’s less of a headache I suppose.

Well the site i built had a latin domain name, on a latin server, but the content needed to be in English, French and Arabic. i stuck with english slugs all over, and as for SEO, if its a field, you can translate it. I had fields on each page for the SEO Title & Meta stuff, so that was in the current language.

Descriptions, titles, all comes out fine. Only the URLs don’t lead anywhere.
When I mean SEO and URL, I think that there is some value in meaningful URLs, but I’m not sure how important this is…