Kirby's header illustration - who made it?

Maybe it’s because I earned my money for more than a decade, working as a cartoonist / illustrator and animator… but every time I’m visiting this site… I’m wondering… who made the illustration, hidden in the headers background?

Because it does defines Kirbies excellent corporate branding… but why is it there, and what does it mean?

Neither and Google / Bing reverse image search can answer my question…

It has been created by Jon Burgerman, exclusively for Kirby. You can read more about it on the Kirby Blog.


I knew it had something to do with a merge of Keith Haring and the infamous Ren & Stimpy artist :stuck_out_tongue:

The illustration is a perfect combination of those inking-artists! (besides Carl Barks, Bill Watterson and George Herriman of course!)… and some Will Eisner / Winsor McCay - for sure!

removed images because of copyright, see link above

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