Kirby w/ js spa as fronted always hitting headers 404

i’m working on a website where i’m building the frontend in javascript as a single-page app.

all the routes set in the js app correctly show the appropriate views, but the php server responds back nonetheless by giving a 404 status code on every view visited.

should i set any specific rule in the .htaccess for the appropriate headers, or set correct headers elsewhere in kirby?


reinstalled kirby from scratch and it seems to be working again perfectly — no 404 errors.

for the sake of clarity, this is the folder layout:

|-- app (frontend, choo.js)
|-- public (backend, kirby)

all the files outputted by the frontend get saved directly in /public/assets/.

not sure if it is only a local dev problem, since im running the php server by doing php -S localhost:8000. maybe it’s too fragile for this over-routing operations done by the js frontend?

or maybe it’s a server cache thing?

i’m using spad to output the json.

OK actually figured out it was because I set the Errror folder to be visible (so with spad I could fetch the content and put it in the js view), but apparently this throws a big routing error to kirby!