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Yes that’s one of the new ideas. :slight_smile:

I can’t give any release date. I quote @lukasbestle on this one:

It’s done when it’s done

But I hope it’s done sooner than later. :slight_smile:

this quote is infamous for the duke nukem forever development. :wink:

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A teaser to new Revisions 2 plugin.

This is inside a revision:

If you have feedback already, feel free to write.


Beautiful! Is this able to detect revisions in files as well? Meaning a deleted image, or trickier, a replaced image (same filename) ?

I thought about it for a few seconds but no. It will never be.

Revisions plugin including everything (which I will not build):

  • Imagine if you add 5 really large files and 10 small ones. Then it needs to save all that to a revision on save. It’s a big risk for timeout. If not timeout, it would take a long time to save. It would be hard to see what is happening if not using some fancy ajax solution.
  • It takes up space. Change a page with large files a few times and the site will be quite large.
  • Because of the risks, there is a big chance that there would be many bugs.
  • The development time would probably be 10 times longer because of file chunks, comparations and ajax loader and statusbar.

With risk for timeouts, risk for bugs, takes up space and increased development time, this it not something I will develop.

Revisions plugin for content texts:

  • Really fast. You should not even notice a revision is saved.
  • Reliable. It’s good if we could trust the plugin to do the job without bugs. At least that’s my goal.
  • Small. Even with many revision in many pages I don’t want the site to grow that much in size. With only text files it don’t.

So if change texts and values and then want to rollback these changes, the Revisions 2 plugin might be for you.

If you want a complete backup if the page other solutions might suit you better.


Thanks a lot for your detailed answer!
I personally don’t want a complete backup solution, and was merely asking this out of curiosity :wink:

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What about using Git for this plugin? You could use the Auto Git plugin internally and create a UI to restore one of the older versions from Git.

I’ve not tested autogit because I does not have access to private repos (costs money, at least at Github).

A few questions about it:

  1. You mean that when I save a revision it is saved and after that sent to like Github?
  2. Because revisions now are subpages Autogit would work out of the box for this?
  3. If Autogit uses hooks to trigger Git, the Revisions plugin has to be loaded first, right?

If you think of something else you need to explain more. :slight_smile:

You can have free private repos on BitBucket, or install GitLab on your own server. On the other hand, you don’t have to use a remote repo to use Git on the server.

Only downside, git needs to be installed on the server, but even most cheap hosting providers do have git installed.

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To answer your questions:

  1. No, not necessarily. Your plugin doesn’t need to care about the Git remote, it can work entirely with the local copy.
  2. Even simpler: The Revisions plugin doesn’t need to have hooks and/or revision subpages at all. Git will store the revisions for you automatically and you can use Git commands to list and restore older versions.
  3. See 2.

Ahh, I see. :slight_smile: That would probably be too much overhead for me. Also I’m not very good at git in general. I have a kind of a minefield version of the plugin on localhost already and I will work on that.

But I hope someone else would take that approach. It’s always interesting to see alternatives.

Thanks for the idea anyway!

What about using Git for this plugin? You could use the Auto Git plugin internally and create a UI to restore one of the older versions from Git.

This is something I’m already working on. I’m testing it on a website I manage to make sure it works great and doesn’t mess with other people content. Hope to release it soon :smiley:

Let me know if you want to beta test it, @lukasbestle.


That’s cool, looking forward to this :slight_smile:

Sure, let me know once it’s ready. :slight_smile:

Would be nice if the revision panel field has a limited max-height and then gets vertical scroll able. So you would show maybe the last 5 revision entries and then you can access previous versions by scrolling. I fear that the list will grow too long over time and my client will regret that plugin.

Another option would be to be able to delete revisions right from the panel (or did I miss something and this is already possible)?

I’m doing a complete rewrite of the plugin and the main thing will be that the revisions will be stored inside the content folder.

I try to build it as simple as possible.

Below is a yet not finished screenshot of what I call a revision archive:

  • All revisions are accessible from there.
  • It has a pagination for more revisions.

On the in this case “About us” page I want to keep it as clean as possible.

I see no gain in list many revisions direcly on the “About us”. If there is a need to restore something you often want to restore to the latest or to a revision in the archive.

Two possibilities (as I see it):

  • Only a link to the revision archive, maybe in the sidebar.
  • Only list the latest revision and a link to the revision archive for more.

What do you think?

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I think this option is more versatile. Sometimes you just want to compare your last writings with the current one and you don’t want to completely switch the context for doing that. I think the user might think twice of using the revision feature to look small things up if he has to go somewhere completely else just to return afterwards and continue in writing.

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Good point! I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks! :slight_smile:

This plugin version is no longer maintained. See this post instead.

@texnixe @lukasbestle, can you close/lock this post?