Kirby Update Plugin?

Hi all, I know Kirby’s easy to update, but I’m surprised I haven’t come across a plugin that allows you to click and update the Kirby core. Maybe there is. Is there? Any plans to create one? Is there some issue that prevents Kirby heads from creating such a Plugin? I just want to see some button, click it, and it replaces the files.

I don’t think there’s a lot of enthusiasm for that among most Kirby developers. Updates can cause your existing code to break. Since most Kirby sites have unique templates, controllers, and a few plugins, it’s even more unpredictable.

Currently, there are three options for updating a Kirby site:

  • via git
  • via the Kirby CLI
  • via manually exchanging folders

In the future, maybe we will also have composer support. For my taste, that is enough. I don’t really see a use case for a plugin. In the hands of an editor, that would probably do more harm than good (think plugins etc.). In the hands of a developer, I find it pretty unnecessary given the options above.

I understand that concern.

Maybe there’s a revert feature. Instead of ditching the current version, it renames ‘kirby’ and ‘panel’ to something like ‘kirby-v2.54’ and 'panel-v2.54. So the plugin alerts that an update is available, allows you to do a one-click update, and it gives you an option to revert to the previous version. If all hell breaks loose you can still manually go in and ditch the new folders and rename the old ones.

Even when you manually update you run the same risk of incompatibility I suppose.

True, but updating is probably something an admin or developer should do, not some editor.

Maybe I should stop ignoring git and this Kirby CLI.

Sounds like a good idea :grinning:

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