Kirby Helpsection Plugin

I created my first panel view plugin to display help and documentation for panel users. The help pages are generated by a predefined content folder.

Thx @bastianallgeier for allowing me to use the reference page styling.

Here it is:

And this is how it looks:


OMG, it looks so cool!

This looks cool! But am missing what needs to be in the docs text files?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

A template named doc comes with the plugin which uses the fields title, excerpt and text to display the pages. The template can also be overwritten or you could use your own template.

I will add this to the readme.

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I added a example folder structure:

I’d love to get a copy of your actual docs (german is just fine for me), or a way to share them - I wanted to do something like this for a while now, being of great use to clients who are not quite familiar with writing stuff in () to display an image.

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It would be nice to have the option to rename the menu title from “Hilfe” to something else. Or maybe it is possible and I just missed that? :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh, and one more question if I may. The example picture on GitHub shows Kirby tags inside code blocks. I tried to use link inside code block, but it always outputs regular HTML tag. How did you achieve that those Kirby tags did not get parsed?

I don’t know how and asked for it.

Yes, write kirbytags with a backslash like this: (I used an additional replace before processing kirbytext)

(\image: sky.jpg)

Perfect, it works. Thank you!

I’m glad that it works now. :slight_smile:

Runing on Kirby 3.25 your plugin runs very well. Thanks.

Now I updated to Kirby 3.3.0-rc.4, no content is showing.

It is broken, because you use deprecated code, e.g.:

message: $page->hasVisibleChildren() is deprecated, use $page->hasListedChildren() instead. $page->hasVisibleChildren() will be removed in Kirby 3.5.0.

Removing “'debug' => true,”, then the panel runs…

In the file \site\plugins\kirby-helpsection\includes\api.php there are two changes needed:

$page->hasVisibleChildren() needs to be $pages->hasListedChildren()
$pages->visible() needs to be $pages->listed()

Hey @anon77445132, thx for your comment. I added the changes a few moments ago. :slight_smile:

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Digging this up out of curiosity.
Meanwhile the Github repo states that @seehat is looking for a maintainer (and the url changed).

Did anybody ever manage to share his/her contents somewhere for this plugin ?
Even the automatic kirbytags example model is still an unusable bare-bones example…