Help text in file section not working

Hi all, The help text is not appear in the panel for my files section. See exact blueprint below.

title: Media
    label: Content
        type: fields
          body: fields/body
        headline: Images
        type: files
        template: just-images
        help: >
          Tag: (snippet: press-images)
        headline: Documents
        type: files
        template: just-docs
        help: >
          Tag: (snippet: press-docs)
  # SEO
  tab2: tabs/seo

Any reason why? It all renders and works as expected, but no help in those file sections. Hmmm…

What Kirby version 3.1.1? What is (snippet: press-images) supposed to do?


Guess help is new?

That’s just to let the user know they can use that snippet tag in the body text to render the content of that section.

Yes, help is new since 3.1.0:

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Hmmm… the help text is right aligned. All other help text is left aligned. What’s suggested approach to tweak a few panel styles in v3?

The reason is that the pagination sits on the left (once it kicks in, that is). You could use a Panel stylesheet to change that. But then you would have to take care of the pagination as well.

Are you sure the /assets/css/panel.css is checked? Doesn’t seem to work.

If you’ve added it in your config:

Check your browser resources tab if the file is loaded.

I missed the .config step. I put these things on autopilot with my own v2 starter kit. Now what I really need to do is pour over the docs, then do it again. :slight_smile: Thanks.