Kirby Panel and Umlaut-URLs

Hi :slight_smile:

I wonder if it is a bug or a feature that the Panel shows a Site URL containing Umlauts encoded:


The encoding you see is Punycode, which is required for internationalized domain names.

The domain actually uses that name internally, only browsers display it in the Unicode version (with the correctly displayed Umlauts).

So this is a feature, but maybe we could display the decoded version in the Panel.

Hi, I know that the Umlauts must be encoded – didn’t know the term puny code, though … I think Kirby should show the same URL as shown in the Browser or at least give a hint that it is encoded, since clients my get confused an thing they where hacked when they see a strange URL …

Could you create an issue on GitHub, pls.?

Sure … done: :slight_smile:

This feature is now implemented in Kirby 2.3.2.

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