Problems with Ä Ö Ü and ß (tryed a lot!)

Hi there,

i’m robert and a newby in PHP and Kirby.

Eight weeks ago i had the idea to make my own homepage. After learning HTML and CSS I decidet to change to a CMS, because i want to make the homepage visible for PC’s and mobile devices wich was too much work only in HTML and CSS.

To understand kirby was very easy (its a very nice tool!) and the basic understanding of PHP i got too.

But i have some hard trouble with my German characters. The main Problem is, that my homepage can’t show Ä,Ö,Ü and ß.

Charset=UTF8 is in the .htacces file, at the header of every snippet/template and everywhere else. If i create a textfile with the Panel, everything works finde, but when i create a Textfile a editor i only see �-characters.

I analysed the textfiles created by the Panel and the Windows editor. As example the “ä” is Hex(C3 BC) [ä] at the Panel Editor, and Hex(E4) [ä] at the Windows Editor.

Now i use Notepad++, but my Kirby can not show any other ä, ö, ü, i created.

For information:
I created some text-conted with the "Text: "-Tag in a textfile and some other contet with the “” File, relating to a Picture. All the Picture-related textfiles AND subfolder textfiles have the problem with my ä, ö, ü.

Do you have any ideas how to solve my problem? I don’t use the pany anymore, because after understanding kirby its much faster to create content via an editor.


I found the issue.

I have to use the enconding “UFT8 without BOM” in Notepad++. During my experiements with the files some of them where safe’d in the right encoding, some not. That was why the subfolders .txt-files wasn’t shown correctly.

The Thread can be closed.

Welcome to the Kirby community. Glad you sorted it out for yourself.

Just for your information: You can mark your threads as solved yourself. All you need to do is click on the pencil icon next to the headline and choose a new category :smiley:

Choose in Notepad++ menu “Einstellungen > Optionen…”:

Good luck!