[de]Bedienungsanleitung auf deutsch

Gibt es irgendwo für die Anfänge mit Kirby eine Anleitung auf deutsch?
Danke für Tipps.

Nicht dass ich wüsste. Ich glaub, es gab mal irgendwelche Einführungen, aber die bezogen sich noch auf Kirby 1. Es ist leider unmöglich, eine mehrsprachige Dokumentation zu pflegen.

Und ich würde noch ergänzen, dass eine deutsche Anleitung nur bedingt etwas bringen würde.

Englisch muss man eh lernen, wenn man mit PHP, HTML & Co. arbeitet.

For non German people that have no idea of what it’s about, here is a summery:


Is there somewhere for the beginnings with Kirby a guide in German?
Thanks for tips.


Not that I know. I think there were times some introductions, but they still referred to Kirby 1. It is unfortunately impossible to maintain a multilingual documentation.


And I would add that a German instruction would bring only a little.
English must be learned when working with PHP, HTML & co.

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Are you being bored, @jenstornell? Or already in vacation mood? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well, sometimes it is a little bit easier to start a new project in the own native language, even more for beginners. My private homepage runs since 1997 in static HTML with a little CSS and PHP and I want to change now to Kirby. So I have to fight with the English docs.
Thx for the quick reponse.

We are here to help you out if and when you get stuck (if only in English, I’m afraid, so that everyone can use the information in the future) :wink:.

The good thing is: we are very patient and usually quite nice :innocent:


Look at Mein Kirby CMS Handbuch by Jannik Beyerstedt as a base.

Good luck!

That’s a good hint for starting with Kirby.

Note that this manual was written for clients of the author who use Kirby, not for developers who have to create sites with Kirby.

I think it would be great to have the parts of the documentation in several languages that deal with working with the panel, like formatting text, setting links - all the things that are relevant for users of the panel.

Maybe we can do something crowd based for the basics that are not likely to change a lot, like formatting text and adding links or images. Everything else will be difficult to keep up to date and will probably result in all sorts of different states in different languages, that’s why we won’t have it, I’m afraid.

Yes, exactly. I think you can’t expect to have the documentation for the developers in other languages as well.

But we can’t expect all clients to be well versed in English. I would see the translation of these crucial pages as an extension of the translation of the panel itself, which is offered in many languages already.

A group effort also seems like the right way to do it. The question is where would those docs reside. It would actually be a good idea to have a single page with explanations or a so-called “manual” somewhere within the panel, in my opinion.

I think someone has already created a help widget or something like that. I’ll see if I can find it. I wouldn’t make it part of the core, would be better as an extension, maybe an additional, optional view or something like that.