Kirby or not - not sure


i used Koken so far, but this one lacks multilingual support. I tried dozens of CMS, but i can’t find the right one to built my style of site (the bigger ones like WP, Drupal are to overloaded and a lot of smaller ones doesn’t support multilingual content or lakc some important features).

My style ist this one … simple and effective.

I wonder, if i can build a similar site with kirby, but with all stuff (including the main menu) in 2 or 3 different languages. If it’s possible, i’ll invest the bucks to buy a license.

Help would be great, thanks.



Take a look at this tread and see what people have using Kirby for: Made with Kirby and <3

I agree with @pedroborges, check out what people have built with Kirby both here on the forum and on the getkirby website:

Kirby does have multi-lang support built-in. And the best of all: you can test Kirby for free before you buy a license.

There are also some Kits that you can check out, apart from the standard Starterkit, there is also a language starterkit with the multi-lang feature enabled.

And yes, you can build that sort of website.

Thanks, i know all the links and i checked out some of the pages, but thats not what i’m looking for. And i know, that i can try kirby before buying a license … i installed it on my server. But i’m still unsure. Maybe i have to sleep about it or try the language starterkit.

Ok, if you have more concrete questions, we can try to answer them.

The thing to keep in mind so as not to be disappointed: When compared to Wordpress and the like, Kirby is maybe more inclined towards developers. There are not a lot of themes out there that you can just buy, install, add your content, and off you go.

To really work with Kirby, you should have some PHP and solid HTML/CSS knowledge and/or be prepared to invest some time into Kirby’s API to get the most out of it. What you get in turn is a system that gives you full control over what you can do with it with a learning curve that is much flatter when compared to Wordpress and Co (when using these systems as a developer).

I don’t compare it to WP or the other bigger ones, 'cause i don’t like them. As i mentioned … i used Koken so far.

Well, i think i’ll search for an other flat system.

Thanks for all the answers.