Kirby-wysiwyg: 'German Umlaute'

i use the plugin kirby-wysiwyg,
unfortunately, that are ‘umlauts’ stored incorrectly:

ü -> ü
ä -> ä
ö -> ö

Server 0S Linux
Php 5.6


AddDefaultCharset UTF-8

What can i do?

Could you please check that your content text files are also saved with UTF8 encoding?

Yes is utf-8 encoding.

What kind of information you need to help me?

Does this problem only show up when you are using the plugin?

What do you mean with “stored”? Where and when?

Yes only when i use the wysiwyg plugin,
i think the problem is not to read the data but to save the data.

Now I tried to install and use the plugin. With Kirby 2.2.3 the plugin is not working for me at all. With Kirby 2.0.6 the plugin is working and the Umlaute are correct. If you still have the problem, I think we have to dig a little bit further down on your installation…

Yes unfortunately does not work.
What do you mean with
I think we have to dig a little bit further down on your installation… ?

@Perry, I guess you are using the most recent Kirby version? Then you cannot use the Wysiwyg field unless it get’s updated at some point.

I use 2.2.3,
so I have to wait for an update


Maybe the markdown field by the same developer is a working alternative for you? Not as wysiwygy, but some buttons to facilitate markdown/kirbytext styling …

You should provide more details (versions) about your installation, like OS, Webserver, PHP, Kirby and their configuration files. But as texnixe pointed out, there seems to be an issue of the plugin (it is already reported on Github) with Kirby 2.2.3 and you wil have to wait until it is fixed. On the other hand, you could try to install an older version of Kirby and check if the plugin is working there (like I did) to rule out a configuration issue.