Kirby license for Kirby project hub

How many kirby licenses should I buy for one website and the kirby project hub ?

Ha, that’s a difficult one :wink: What is your setup? Is this one project? One or more domains?

Thanks for you reply
My website is created on Kirby and hosted by OVH, I bought the license for it
KPH will be set up on my website for my clients
One domain

A webdesigner has built this website. Im not too sure about the technical set up, my website is not only yet.

Well, if this is really one project that belongs together, one license should do. Of course, we don’t want to keep you from supporting the team by buying two or more licenses :wink:

Having said that, you would, of course, need a PRO license :slight_smile:

Ok thank you for your help :wink: