Questions about the license

Sorry @bastianallgeier. I know this subject is really boring, but it might help me and other people.

1. Staging setups

How many licenses are required for one live site domain and two test environment?

  1. Localhost
  3. (live site)

The most logic for me is 1 license because it’s one live site. The other two is for testing stuff. Am I correct?

2. Moving license

What if I have a license for and close that site? or use another CMS on it? Can I use that same license on another site? To be clear, can I move the license between domains?

I will still only use one license per domain. I hope the answer is yes here but I’m not sure.

3. On building

Let’s say we are building a site. It’s not finished, not public just yet. Should the license be bought before starting building the site or just before release?

With not public yet I mean: without visitors and not finished, no links and no marketing. The domain might still run from the web but no one knows it exists yet. Not public ready.

Under the building the project might get trashed or get published, might be difficult to know before it’s done.

This should pretty much answer all your questions:

Try Kirby before you buy it
Don't buy a pig in a poke

Kirby's license model is based on a single idea: you should be happy with Kirby first, before you buy a license.

Try Kirby on your local machine or on a private test server. Once you are sure that Kirby fits your project, get your license key and publish your site.
And yes, you can move a license from one domain to another if the original domain does not exist anymore.

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Okay then, thanks! When I read it in detail now it’s clear that it at least solves both question 1 and 3.

The second one (moving between domains) I did not find a source to, but I trust you on that one.

Regarding question 2, I would assume that it’s possible. The way I understand it is that it is meant for one live domain. So if you move Kirby to a different domain, you should be good as it’s still just one site on which Kirby runs.

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