Kirby and Subdomain

Hello, I just need a confirmation before doing things:

At this time I use a personnal website in subdomain like this:

I plan to use a SSL certificat and need to change my sbdomain to

Do I need to worry about somethings for Kirby Website before adding subdomain?
(My subdomain uses MYSQL)

Thank you.

I’m afraid I don’t quite understand.

Do you want to point your subdomain to a subfolder, in which you plan to install Kirby? Or do you want to install Kirby in a subfolder and call it via a subfolder of the main domain? is not a subdomain, but a folder of the main domain name …

Yes I can see I gave bad description. Sorry.

For now, it is:

and I need to move (change) subdomain to

Installing Kirby in a subfolder usually should not be a problem, you might have to set the rewrite base in your .htaccess. But to be on the safe side, I would test this prior to putting it into production.

Kirbysite will not be in a subfolder, but I will need to add an other website in Kirby subfolder (witch is not a kirbysite and will run with mysql)

Then this has nothing to do with Kirby and I don’t see how your Kirby installation would be affected by that?

Yes, that should work just fine.

The better solution would be to get a second TLS certificate (or one that contains both domains) for your subdomain so that you don’t need to move the other project into a subfolder. There are free CAs like StartSSL or now Let’s Encrypt that support this.

@texnixe : I’m not so confortable as I would like with this type of things, so I prefer ask :slightly_smiling: .
@lukasbestle : Yes I saw it in Security Kirby but still hard for me to do it myself and tutoriels I found on the web are hard to anderstand.

Note: I would prefer give some money to someone who will teach me how to more than give money to ovh…

So you are using OVH as your hosting provider? They have just enabled Let’s Encrypt as I have seen, so that’s theoretically possible.

If you want, you can send me your email address via a direct message in the forum (click on my name or icon) so that I can setup this with you.