Kirby and sub domain


I am struggling for a while with .htaccess file for the RewriteBase issue.
I put kirby in a folder (named kirby) of my root server and I created a sub domain ( which redirects to this folder.
In .htaccess file I put RewriteBase /kirby but it doesn’t work.
The homepage is OK but when trying to go to some contents (other pages) I got an error server notice.
You can see the homepage here (please note that it’s not a production site just a test before migrating my own site to kirby cms)

I didn’t find something heplful in the other topics related to subdomain in this forum.
Therefore if you have any idea or helpful method
Thank you

Your subdomain is set to the /kirby folder, so from the point of view of the subdomain, your Kirby install is not in a subfolder but in the subdomain root. Try uncommenting the RewriteBase, or set it to “/”.

Thank you, it works perfectly with RewriteBase “/”