Adding Subdomains to a site with Kirby

I have a site which runs Kirby and I want to add a couple of subdomains to it. So you would enter the site using the main domain as the home page and this would then give you access to the subdomains. The present site would become a subdomain as well. Could you use Kirby to build out the subdomains and run the site? and if so how?


I’m not sure I understand what you are up to. If you want to serve individual pages of the current site on separate domains, this recipe might help:

Otherwise, could you please elaborate?

There is one business that is being split into 3 parts each one using a subdomain of the domain name. So there will be a ‘home’ page where you can then link to each subdomain which will have a number of pages. I wanted to know if I can build the pages for the subdomains through Kirby and how this would work?

In that case I wonder if it would make more sense to do a multi-site setup. Note that you will most likely need a license per site. The other option I linked to is more suited when you serve single pages from a different domain.