Kirby 3 and URL-Key field from Kirby 2

The ULR-Key field worked fine in Kirby 2. Is it ignored in Kirby 3 or am I doing something wrong ?

The URL-Key field also works in Kirby 3, but only for the non-default languages.

Hi, Sonja :slight_smile:

well, I speak about the non-default language
(the default one is French or the URL-Key doesn’t work for English)
do I miss something ? :expressionless:

What is different as compared to K2, is that you don’t define a field for the URL-Key. You can change the URL-Key for the non-default languages in the Settings menu, then choose Change Url.

Bildschirmfoto von 2020-10-04 20-58-51

(English is the non-default language here)

This will then add a slug field in the content file (its no longer called URL-Key)

Bildschirmfoto von 2020-10-04 21-02-06

Hi, Sonja :slight_smile:

thanks to your screenshots, I guessed it would be enough to rename the ‘URL-Key:’ field to ‘Slug:’ field… in my text editor :wink:

Is there a line about it in the Cookbook, Guide, Reference or How-to-migrate from K2 to K3 that I would have missed ? :roll_eyes:


Good question, there is a migration guide but its probably not complete.

Yes, you can do a search&replace in your text editor or do it programmatically.