Multi-languange kirby tag link - explicit language property needed?

I am trying to upgrade to Kirby 3. The default language is German, and there is also an English version. Let’s say I have the following structure:


In Kirby 2 there was an Url-Key used as follows:

  Url-key: content
  (link: inhalt text:Amazing content)

The link resolved to

In Kirby 3, Url-key has been renamed to slug.
However, it seems that now the language must be set explicitly:

    (link: inhalt text:Amazing content) ==>
    (link: content text:Amazing content) ==>
    (link: inhalt lang:en text:Amazing content) ==>

Am I missing a configuration? Is this a bug or expected behaviour?

What happens if you link to content without adding the language attribute

It links to instead of
In any case, I would prefer to link to the generic name instead of looking up
the slug name.

Hm, ok, then I would expect the link to go to the currently active language without you having to pass the language explicitly => bug. It should only be necessary to set the language when linking to another language on purpose.