Kirby 2.5.12 Panel not working

Hi, I’m getting a weird error with the Kirby 2.5.12 panel. It is not working on root or subfolder but Kirby 2.2.3 works (I just tried a fresh installation from the original zip) — included the .htaccess file but did not have modify anything.

php is 7+
RewriteEngine is on by default by host
host is greengeeks

What is the. error you get? Any error messages?

I get a generic 500 error

Have you checked your error log for more meaningful errors?

Have you set the rewrite base in your .htaccess?

Is the mb_string extension installed?

@texnixe rewrite base is set in .htaccess and mb_string is enabled

@bvdputte the error log that I can access through cpanel doesn’t provide any info

it’s still weird that different kirby versions produce these errors

Have you tried with a fresh 2.5.12 Starterkit?

yes, fresh installation of the starterkit 2.5.12; tried fresh install of starterkit 2.2.3 and it has no problems

2.2.3 is quite old, perhaps something changed in Kirby since then that is missing on your Server. I think the way images were handled changed in that time. You have GD installed i guess? The server is up to date, besides PHP?

According to the requirements page:

  • Apache 2 with URL rewriting (mod_rewrite) or nginx
  • Since Kirby 2.5.11: PHP 5.6, before Kirby 2.5.11: PHP 5.4+. We recommend PHP 7.1+
  • PHP mbstring extension for proper UTF-8 support

Is your PHP version 7x or 7.1x?

Check your PHP version with phpinfo().

@texnixe @jimbobrjames yeah I agree it is quite old. What is GD?

Also, php version is 7.0.31

Apologies… I think this was an “unknowledgeable user error” — cpanel displayed php to be 7.0.31 but that was the server and not my shared hosting settings; I’ve updated the version of php to 7.1 and now it is running well.

thanks to you both for helping!

Yes, unfortunately, that is often the case that cPanel shows a PHP version that is not actually active on your hosting.

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Keep in mind also that cPanel sometimes modifies the .htaccess file - be careful with uploading that file again in the future, because the error will probably come back. You either need to copy the .htacess down to your local copy (You will see some new lines at the bottom of the file telling the server which PHP version to use) so that it doesn’t happen, or go back into cPanel and reset the setting for the PHP version after FTP transfer.

You can also prevent this happening by setting the default PHP version to be 7.1 for all sites, in which case it wont modify, however i think you can only do that with access to WHM which you may not have if its shared hosting.

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