Kirby 2.1 beta is here!

No one asked, but I made an issue for the Smartypants issue as well.

Is there a possibility to generate multiple size of one image with the new size option?

No, with size you set a max limit how big (in bytes) an uploaded file can be. Same goes for width and height for image dimensions (only limits, no resizing or generating).

To generate multiple sizes of an image, you could use the thumbs function in your templates.

OK, I wanted to make use of the Image Converter Plugin by Seehat together with the post file upload hook (See this thread). Reading on the Post file upload hook on GitHub, Bastian posted this:

We are currently working on a global hook system. So I’m afraid I have to finally close this.

Is there already a hook like this in the current Beta 2.1? Or otherwise, can I still use this upload-hook?

My purpose is to use the Image Converter Plugin multiple times after a file has been uploaded, to create multiple Image-Sizes for a responsive layout.

I’ve been buried in work all week and totally missed the announcement… This is amazing. So much awesome. I’ll be testing immediately! Thanks @bastianallgeier and @distantnative !!!

For a moment him talking about hook system but not avariable for now.

No, we didn’t manage to finish them for 2.1 but we are already working on them for the next version.

It’s not there yet in 2.1 but will be in 2.2

Okdok, so if I really need to make use of the upload hook, it’s best to switch back to 2.0 and use the Post file upload hook, or can I use the provided files.php with 2.1?

I think it should also work with 2.1.

I’m trying to use the new ‘More flexible page option in queries’. It seems to make sense to combine relative paths with known folder names. Is this not yet supported?

My blueprint code:

  label: My option
  type: select
  options: query
    page: ../my-options-page
    fetch: children

From the changelog description:

You can only move up in the pages tree though.

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Wasn’t entirely sure how to use the callback for ‘thumbs.destination’. Is this a setting that can be updated in a template file or needs to be set globally?

From looking at the source, you should be able to set the destination in the options array when calling the thumb method.

Here are the defaults

static public $defaults = array(
    'destination' => false,
    'filename'    => '{safeName}-{hash}.{extension}',
    'url'         => '/thumbs',
    'root'        => '/thumbs',
    'driver'      => 'im',
    'memory'      => '128M',
    'quality'     => 90,
    'blur'        => false,
    'blurpx'      => 10,
    'width'       => null,
    'height'      => null,
    'upscale'     => false,
    'crop'        => false,
    'grayscale'   => false,
    'overwrite'   => false,
    'autoOrient'  => false,

That was my impression too but couldn’t seem to get it working.

Something similar happens to me, but I do not only lose text but also a button (it is really not there, not just only hidden).

My installation in Spanish. Do you think this is also fixed in the nightly or should I open an issue in Github?

I just tested this with the nightly and it seems there are still some translations missing. While there is some text now in the Spanish version, it is in English, not Spanish. So it’s a good idea to open an issue or send a pull request if you care to add the correct translations.

Yes I noticed the new strings have not been added to other languages, so some new features may not work.
I had to update the French translation to test the beta with a multilingual setup.

I assume before 2.1 ships the missing strings will be added automatically, with english text, in other language files that are missing them. I believe it was the case last time strings were added.

The “default” values for structure fields.

It would be very nice to be able to set dynamic values for the default value.
Similar to the checkboxes, radiobuttons and select fields.

To fetch children from a another page, and be able to reorder them and output them
to the page, like a “Page relation”…

Maybe I don’t understand what you are asking, but you can use select fields within structure fields and fetch images or pages in the same way?