Kirby 2.1 beta is here!

In the new structure field version you can set default values that will “auto” generate structure fields. The cool thing here would be able to “auto” generate fields that holds the page uid/uri.

Then you could easily create auto generated “page relations fields” … and be able to sort them with the structure field…

Oh thanks for clarifying, @A_Monkey, I had seen but then again forgotten about that feature.

Hi @bastianallgeier. I just checked out all develop branches, but Modals are still not adapting to the window size. Am I missing something? Thanks, Moritz

@bastianallgeier I would like to request a preview button in edit pages… Because without it would require you to click “Edit Page” and click the preview button, It’s quite a very long process… The preview button will be very handy… I want it to look similar with image below. THANKS :wink:

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@bastianallgeier Another request :smile: … I want a custom right-click menus for pages as well as for files… I want a right click menu that contains handy options such as Delete, Change URL, and Preview… Right-click menu for Pages and Files… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Yay!! These features would be awesome… Right-click menus are handy and doesn’t take any visible space, so that the panel will still be clean. :wink:

Works for me:


2.1 beta

@tjeerdytsma I’ve issued a Pull Request on GitHub to enable this… I think you’re right that this is a natural extension to the ability to traverse back up the tree.

Sorry for the misleading post; it does work perfectly fine indeed now.

When adding a structure in the site.php blueprint it does not show on the ‘Site options’-page of the panel. Also all fields that are declared after it do not show up.
I have added an issue:

with kirby-nightly-2.1.0-20150517133730:

I think the German translation should be changed/added:

  • “Kirby info” => “Kirby Information
  • “… version:” => “… Version:” (three times)

Thank you very much!

Has been changed on the develop branch :wink:

Thank you very much!

Added: I have not checked other languages for this.

We just released 2.1.0! Thank you so much for your help with the beta and all your feedback. You all seriously rock!! <3