Japanese micro seasons plugin

This oddball plugin started out as a bit of an experiment to try making something a bit more complicated than the other simple plugins I’ve built. Not sure who this is for other than maybe myself, but I’m already thinking about other enhancements and how it might be a starting point for something else I’ve been thinking about that may be more widely useful.

Made for 4.x but I think it’ll likely work in 3.x too.

Side note: it’s so great that if you want different markup, all you need to do is make a copy of the included snippet in your site snippets and edit away.


Just pushed version 1.0.3 which will hopefully show up shortly in the official repo, but the good news is that things now actually work properly :smiley:

You can see the plugin in action on the homepage of my site: https://scottboms.com

Cool @scottboms its always good to mess with things, even if its for the learning process alone!

You might find my Yasumi plugin intresting GitHub - HashandSalt/kirby3-yasumi - it outputs all the dates of all public holidays for a given country and year.


Absolutely! I don’t expect this thing has a huge audience but half of the opportunity is to make something that might help someone else figure out how to do something themselves and maybe help fill in some documentation gaps. Especially for non-engineers like me – I like to say I know enough to be dangerous :stuck_out_tongue:

And interesting that you included a way to show those holidays in the panel too in your Yasumi plugin. I was thinking about that too, so will have to have a peek at your plugin to see how that works.

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