Is there a way (or plugin) to translate file names?

I’m setting up a multilingual site and am wondering if there’s a way to translate the names of files. Haven’t found docs or a plugin for this yet.

You mean without copying and actually renaming them? So basically a mapping of filenames that then finds the original one?

What is your use case?

Yes exactly. Use case is a website for a tour guide handling over 300 images across the tours. The website will be translated to at least four languages, so not having to copy the images would be great benefit time-wise when pages are being created or when a change is needed.

But why would you have to translate the filenames? Maybe better add useful alt text in all languages, and/or captions?

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Yes I fully agree, but for ‘optimal’ SEO purposes translating the file name would be nice.

I wonder if those presumably “optimal” SEO purposes wouldn’t be defeated by worse performance due to translating filenames. Google is probably clever enough, provided you use alt text.

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