Is possible to manage thousands images with Kirby?

Hello everyone,

I would like to build a website with a lot of images, may be thousands.
I would like to manage them very easily in the admin panel with tags for each image.
Can I upload thousands images in the same “files field”? or it is too much? what is the best way to do that?
Do you think Kirby is the right CMS to do that? or a CMS with database is more indicated?

Thanks in advance!

you flagged question as kirby version 2. are you planing to use version 2 or would 3 be possible as well? v3 panel is better at handling images.

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I edited the question’s label. The Kirby’s version doesn’t matter. My question could be more general: a “file based CMS” is a good tool to handling thousands images?

i have created a few bigger websites with thousand of subpages and images each and had no problem. one thing you should be aware of: putting all images into a single subpage is not performant. a rough estimate would be about 100-300 files per subpage max. but thats my personal experience. please wait for kirby staff to respond as well.

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What is the use case to do that? I haven’t tested this, but querying thousands of images sounds like a bottleneck (apart from the fact that this doesn’t sound user-friendly having to deal with such a long list of images to choose from).

Where we come to related issues: Calling $site->index() (which goes through the complete tree of all pages) when there are thousands of images will also slow your site down, so you would have to avoid that.

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The site’s idea: thousands of images that which can be filter by tags, no text, only images. A little bit like Instagram.

I don’t know how manage easily all those images in the admin panel.

i would split them up a bit into broad image types like Nature, Products, People as sub pages then tag the images themselves with more specific categorization like Forest, Water, Luxury, Self Portrait… that way you can split them up in the panel for easy management.

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